Mansha Pasha questions all those who are not raising their voices for Radio jockeys & voice over artists working in #radio as they are losing jobs.

Pakistani actress Mansha Pasha requests Pakistani people to raise their voices for Pakistan’s radio industry as people are losing jobs. She made a request specially to those who defended Ertugrul saying that it provide jobs to the Voice Over Artists.

She further added that it is sad looking how our local industry is being treated and yet we cry why our content is not good as others.

She requested her fans and people of Pakistan to raise voice for the Pakistani Voice Over Artists, Radio Jockeys and Technicians.

Keeping in mind that along with our Pakistani people many of our celebrities also promoted Turkish drama serial Ertugrul and supported it saying that it is providing jobs to Voice over artists, we now request them to raise their voices for the radio industry of Pakistan too.




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