Kardo Karam | Nabeel Shaukat Ali Feat. Sanam Marvi |

NSA Productions presents “KARDO KARAM” by Nabeel Shaukat Ali Feat. Sanam Marvi. In this holy month of Ramadan and in this difficult time of Covid_19 a beautiful sufi kalaam, an excellent effort by the whole team for all the viewers and listeners. May Allah accept our efforts and forgive our sins.

. Original Credits

Kalaam: Kardo Karam

Artists: Nabeel Shaukat Ali & Sanam Marvi

Composer: Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Music: Kamran Akhtar

Lyrics: Khadim Hussain

Mix & Master: Afzal Hussain

Director: Adnan Kandhar

DOP: Moeez Khan

Edit & Post: Kandhar Films

Wardrobe: Ubair Naeem

Makeup: Honey (Hussain)

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