The Gully Boy of Pakistan?

Pakistan has introduced immense talent in the music industry, especially in the Hip Hop genre, for e-g Bohemia, Imran khan, Billi X, Young Desi, Abid Brohi, Faris Shafi and other countless Rappers.
Surely we all know Bohemia is one of the finest and biggest names in the Desi rap industry. Artists like Abid Brohi, Lyari Underground, Billi-X and many others come to one’s mind while speaking of rappers who have emerged from the locality.

There is no lack of ability in Pakistan. Tragically, individuals don’t get the correct chances to exhibit their ability. Let us investigate one of the most unfortunate neighbor hoods of Karachi. Lyari has delivered gifted footballers and artists, yet, because of absence of opportunities, have kept its people away from accomplishing their actual potential.

One such talent is an eight-year-old rapper from Lyari who is causing waves with his impressive rhyming aptitude. The eight-year-old, Waqas Baloch, who goes likewise by the name of “Thou$sand” has surprised everybody with his enormous rapping abilities. Here, have a look at his most recent song “Apna Dour Ayega” which has already crossed 3Million views on youtube.

His stream, his vocals and the method for introducing the melodies are extraordinary for somebody of his age. The phrase “Age is just a number” is so obvious.
Take a look at his life story.

We trust this enables the band to contact a more extensive crowd, clearing path for additional chances.

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