Foods to have in Sehri to avoid dehydration?

Written By: Mehrab Fajar

As we all know that, Fasting in Ramadan has a great importance in Islam. Muslims fasts in Ramadan for the sake of blessing of Allah. From many years, fasting is being difficult for the Muslims, as Ramadan come in Hot Summer. “Why it is difficult to fast in Ramadan?” One of the top reason, is “Dehydration”.

We fast for around 15 hours, if we don’t drink enough water in the whole 15 hours our body reacts. Our body is dehydrated if 1 to 2 percent of water losses from our body. This becomes harmful for our body and we would not be able to fast. For fasting we have to keep our body hydrated by eating hydrated food in “Sehri”.

Hex represents 7 foods, we should have to eat in “Sehri” to keep your body hydrated during entire duration of fast.  By eating this food we can save our “Fast” and “Health” as well.


Percentage of water:       81%

When we talk about dehydration, one of the most hydrated food that comes in our mind is yogurt. It fulfills the 81% need of water in our body. By eating yogurt as a part of food in your “Sehri” you can save your body form dehydration. Yogurt contain a substantial amount of potassium and sodium, it can help replace the lost electrolytes and re-energize your body. A plain yogurt with fresh berries would be a hydrating and energizing food in “Sehri”.


Fresh Cucumber slices

Percentage of water:       95%

Containing a huge amount of water (95%) cucumbers are a great way to keep our body hydrated whole day during fast. Moreover, it also contain many minerals and vitamins that keep us healthy. With all the benefits like hydrating our body and making us healthy, Cucumbers also help in losing weight. So we should eat cucumber salad in our “Sehri”.

Water Melon

Percentage of water:       92%

As its name defines, Water melon considered to be rich with 92% water and 6% sugar. It is a very delicious food, we should have to eat in “Sehri”. If we have eaten watermelon in our “Sehri”, its high water content saves our body from dehydration. It is refreshing diet with essential rehydration salts calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.


Percentage of water:       95%

Tomatoes are composed of about 95 percent water. Sliced tomatoes having sweet taste, can be used in salad, sauces and sandwiches to make our “Sehri” healthy and tasty. And if we use tomatoes as a part of our food in “Sehri”, our body would be safe from dehydration.


Percentage of water:       91%

Having a huge amount of water in them, Strawberries are delicious fruits. We can make them a part of our “Sehri” in order to avoid dehydration during fast, in the form of Strawberry shake, with yogurt or strawberry ice cream. Strawberries add natural sweetness to the yogurt. Yogurt is also a hydrated food.


Percentage of water:       95% 

Radish is a very healthy and crunchy vegetable that contains high water content in it. Radishes can be used in the form of salad or juice in “Sehri” to keep our body hydrated during fast in Ramdan. It contains 95% amount of water.


Percentage of water:       70%

Kiwi is exceptionally juicy fruit containing 70% water content in it. It would make our “Sehri” so juicy and delicious with sliced Kiwi or with Kiwi drink. Fast seewould be very hydrated and energetic having a very juicy Kiwi.

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Let us know in comments which fruit or vegetable in these you love the most?

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